Multiplatform Content & Services

Mobile video. iPads. Streaming content. Inform your multiplaform strategy with this inclusive study on alternative platforms.

Multiplatform Content & Services covers what consumers are thinking and doing with regard to new technology. How is the television and movie landscape changing?

Sample & Methodology

We conduct 1,000 online surveys among broadband Internet users across the entire United States; 800 18+, 200 15-17 year-olds.

Topic Areas

*Final topic areas may vary based on client needs

Broadband Internet Access & Usage

  • Types of broadband access
  • Likelihood to cancel HSI at home
  • Impact of mobile Internet on home Internet subscription

Alternative Platforms, DVR, and VOD: Access, Usage & Circumstances

  • Broadband video capability
  • Percent of TV viewing that is broadband, DVR, and VOD vs. traditional live TV on TV set (by device/service)
  • Streamed services used
  • Impact of alternative platforms on multichannel subscription
  • Circumstances for alternative platform choices and preference

Broadband TV Content Viewing

  • Frequency of viewing specific types of TV content on any device
  • Type of TV content viewed by device
  • Viewing of Internet-only content (”made-for-web”)

TV Content Viewing and Social Media

  • Frequency of using social media
  • Usage of social media to interact with TV content
  • Impact of social media on TV viewing and impact of TV viewing on social media

Second Screen Usage

  • Second screens used
  • Specific second screen companion apps used

Technology & Subscription Profile of Broadband Internet Users

  • Streaming subscription services; technology in the home; and more

Demographic Profile of Broadband Internet Users

  • Full demographic profiles of key segments, including age, ethnicity, children in HH, marital status, and more

Tracking Data

  • Growth of Internet, broadband, and alternative platforms


Comprehensive Report w/Management Summary

Our report will be delivered in PowerPoint format complete with charts, graphs, and written analysis with a management summary written by our senior executives.

Research Support & Data Access

Included with your subscription is the full support of our research team for industry data requests covered in our studies.

Presentation of the Findings

At your convenience, we will present the findings of the study to senior management, the research team, your internal clients, or at your management conference either in-person or via a webinar presentation.

Full Sets of Data Tabulations

In addition to our final report, you will receive our full sets of tabulations, which are run by demographics, subscription status/technology ownership, and genres viewed.

Subscription to our research periodical

Throughout the year, you will receive “Research Snap Shots” that highlight key findings from the study.